To birth my alchemy of colour and texture I use mostly acrylics, Posca, inks, pigments, pastels, natural sands and crushed minerals. My recent works are unframed, since working on scrolls allowed me a more nomadic lifestyle and made sending my pieces all over the world easier. This pushed me to explore new techniques, and to leave aside the heavily textured style I used to practice in the past. I work mostly on high quality linen canvas, although there are some occasional pieces on other materials such as papyrus, recycled hardboard, or tarpaulin. 


💜 A heartfelt thanks to all the photographers and image tweakers
who have contributed to these galleries, among others:
Trevor and Maria, Adsubian Gallery, Paola Guigou,
Dominique Pichard, Paul Roquecave, Etienne Ruggeri. 💜