The Lost Room

Set in Villeurbanne (Lyon, France) in 2011 in a repurposed printer’s, The Lost Room was initially founded by artists Mathieu Devavry, Pierre Darel, Jean-François Dougnalo (Fo), Laurence Canal, Etienne Blanc, Christelle Gacon, photographers Diego Quagliotti and Etienne Ruggerri, and myself.

This was my first studio of many to come… The collective welcomed many other artists and various events and projects, inviting in musicians, djs, dancers, poets and creatives to experiment together.

Getting on board the team, and supporting with the organization of events and exhibitions, I learnt a great deal about coordination. I also learnt at the creative level, through collaboration with several artists. The Lost Room’s doors have long been closed, but its impact of our creativity is certainly not forgotten…

The Lost Room Opening Performance – 2011

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