M33 was born out of a dream that seemed as distant as the galaxy it is named after. In 2014, meeting photographer Paola Guigou turned it into a shared vision, and both of us walking into the Junkers Factory turned it into a reality. We decided to transform this industrial space, within a factory that used to produce plane engines during the second world war, into a modular art studio.

The Junkers Factory in Strasbourg, Fr, home to M33 and other creatives

In awe with its unique architecture, we started giving life to it, with recycled materials and a lot of trust. We soon set out to invite in a team of artists of all types to join… and today the circle has grown and keeps growing. We designed M33 to be a collaborative hive where each artist has their own world but potentials to share projects and open the whole space together are facilitated.

My role at M33 involved the co-creation of the association, recruitment of the team, co- managing renovations, administrative, financial and creative project management, events management, making partnerships, and pretty much over-viewing all aspects of the project with the team.

For my painting it meant I could do very big sizes in an incredibly open studio with a glass roof 12 metres above me showering daylight. It also meant experimenting with the height and throwing paint from a hammock hanging in the air, among other quirkier experiments…

Artists involved in M33 at the time of its creation include photographer Dominique Pichard, special effect & make-up artists Anne-Catherine Lejeal and Sophie Renier, Kapta Prod video artists Gwénael Bertholet and Jean-Patrick Schwing, luxury paper printer Thomas Braun, and many more…

I left M33 at the end of 2016 and am always filled with emotion every time I return to find it expanded, renewed, and brimming with creativity. M33 is in Strasbourg, France, my hometown.

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